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Welcome to artandcraftclasses.com!

My name is Michelle Kirk, and I am the instructor as well as the mobile application developer for all apps listed on this website. I hold an MA in Computers And Educational Technology, have over 15 years of experience with computers, 3 years of app development and production, and decades of creating works of art in a variety of media.

My goal is to have a variety of apps available in the area of arts and crafts for those who want to learn on a mobile device.

I have created several how to apps in a variety of areas and they are available on Google Play™ or iTunes™.  These apps contain information on how to complete a variety of art and craft projects. Most of my apps will be at the beginning or introductory level, and guidance by an adult is recommended for those under the age of 18.

The types of how to apps include instruction in ceramics, crafts, mixed media, painting, photography, polymer clay, sculpture, sewing, and more.

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